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Welcome to the world of sustainable fashion. At Collective Detour, we provide engaging workshops that explore eco-consciousness in the clothing, textile, and retail industry. Whether you're looking for a general workshop, a customized training session, a live Q&A or a brainstorming session to get you informed and/or inspired, we've got you covered.

Engage with our comprehensive consultancy tailored for fashion businesses aiming to achieve transparency and traceability. We offer a range of services, including SourcingVoluntary Disclosures Strategy Working Conditions and Carbon Footprint Analysis within your supply chain. Join us on an exciting and responsible journey towards sustainable fashion. Together, let's make a lasting impact!


We offer tailored solutions that embrace circularity practices, such as Product Development, Upcycling Integration, Secondhand Inventory Management, and Take back Program Strategy. Let us guide you in crafting customized recovery programs for your brand, as together we dare to be visionary and sustainable. Welcome to the Circular Economy revolution!

Unleash the power of sustainable storytelling with Collective Détour's visionary Communication service. We specialize in crafting dynamic campaigns for fashion businesses committed to launching sustainable products and collections.  Let us accompany you on a creative journey to amplify your unique vision of sustainability by shaping your communication plans and message, creating a relevant brand  image and developing partnerships that will leverage your visibility. Embrace sustainability without compromising style and fashion.

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